7 Ways to Create a Focal Point in Any Room

One of the basic principles of interior design is to create a focal point. Every room needs a focal point; it the place where the eyes rest in a room and draw a person inside the space.  It case you have a big empty space, we have provided a guideline to carve out a focal point in it.


  1. The Architecture

More often than not, the architecture of most rooms often designates a location as the focal point of the space. If this is the case, it takes away the hassles of creating one.  Typical examples of architectural focal points are French doors, a freestanding tub in a bathroom, a large arrangement of windows,an oven hood in the kitchen, etc. When the room architecture has created a focal point, it will be easy to handle the decorations. All that is required is to follow the existing architecture and include your elements of creativity.

  1. Use Height

If none of the existing architectural elements in your space defines a focal point, you can create one using height. For instance, you can use a large armoire or bookcase, you can also join a pair of console tables flanked by aGrand Palais mirror. Positioning the mirror above the table adds the height element that attracts the eye.

  1. Use Oversized Elements

One of the simple ways to carve out a focal point from a plain space is to use a light fixture. The New Kent Pendant is our favorite because of its grandeur attracts attention.  You can use it on the breakfast nook, as shown in the picture. It can be somewhere in the corner of the kitchen; it draws the attention we want.

  1. Bold Color

One of the easiest ways to create a center of attraction in a small space is to use bold colors. You use a sofa with bold fabrics. Another alternative is to use eye-catching drape panels

  1. Use Your Collection

Another splendid way to create a focal point is to use collections. In the case of Suzanne Kasler, she grouped the antique globes she had collected together to create an attractive spot in her living room. The arrangement is so fascinating, it will definitely catch your attention.

  1. Play with Shapes

What will be your reaction when you see an unusual shape on a piece of furniture?

It will definitely ignite interest within you. Isn’t it?

You can use a headboard with a strange curve or place a table with a modern silhouette. Simply place something unusual in your room and let it serve as the center of attraction.

  1. Profile Your Piece

In this example, you can notice the dark wall color that stands out among the plain colored furniture in the space. You can create something similar such as black furniture on a white wall, or use a bold wall color with neutral pieces.

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