Office Space Fittings: Cost analysis of setting up your office in Singapore

Over the last decade, HMG has been actively helping businesses renovate their office space. Since many of our clients demand to have an estimate for their office renovation quickly, we created a quick workaround. The following guideline for estimating an office renovation is a rough estimate of the minimum requirement to fit out an office space in Singapore.

Based on our experience, the cost of renovating an average office space in Singapore is as follows:

Budget for a low-end renovation per square feet$60sgd

Budget for a mid-range renovation per square feet $85sgd

Budget for a high-end renovation per square feet $120sgd

The following is a rough breakdown of the office fit-out

The groundwork: 5%

Siding and finishes: 20%

Carpentry works: 10%

Office Furnishings: 15%

Electrical, plumbing, and air-conditioning: 30%

Security Surveillance and Data Cabling:10%

Fire Prevention Compliance: 5%

Other Miscellaneous Expenses: 5%

Total: 100%

Besides this guide, there are some other websites and mobile apps that have utilities for estimating fit-out and costs of renovations. These utilities can give you estimated figures for your office renovation instantly.

Check out this Office Renovation Calculator

This is a free mobile app that can give you a precise estimate for your office renovation project. There is no need to waste time for site surveys by designers and contractors before receiving a quote. The app is available for IOS and Android devices.


If you would rather use a website instead of a mobile app, this website is perfect for you. All you need to do is to fill a few entries and move the slider to estimate your space renovation and requirements. After that, the web app gives you a cost estimated instantly.

Are you looking forward to renovating your office space and would like to have an idea of the cost? The two apps described above will help you get you’re an estimate instantly, right from the comfort of your home or office.

Do you know of any website or mobile app that should make the list of our renovation calculator? Let a comment below