How to select Furniture to furnish up the office space

Here’s 4 tips to make sure you do it right from the start:

Try before buying

If you are planning to get good quality chairs which typically cost more than $400, you could request chair samples to be loan for testing (you have to buy more than a few chairs, of course for the supplier to entertain this request). This allows you to test few chair models side by side, by all your staff of different builds. Remember to get your staff, the smallest and biggest to try out, moving left to right, front to back on the chair. Get your staff to vote!

Invest in what matters most

Invest in What you sit on, see and touch all the time during office hours. If you look at multiple screens for day trading or data analysis etc purpose, get good monitor arm which could take on the weight of all your monitors. Go for supplier who can tailor to your staff needs – some may want 4 screens and some may need up to 6 screens! Some arms even come with sleek power dock for your phone charging, laptop projection etc

If you work long hours, consider a standing desk or a good chair to ease off that back and neck pain.

Beware of lead time

Most quality office products are made to order unless you are lucky enough to get those showroom pieces. Do cater at least 8-12 weeks for foreign made. Malaysian made products come in 6-8 weeks typically. Cater at least 2-4 weeks more if you hit their major festive seasons when factories closed. Make sure your critical furniture like chair, table get delivered before move in.

Get warranty

Cheap products fail quickly and it is therefore unlikely the warranty will be more than a year. Typical warranty for a good quality chair can be 3-5years. Some very confident supplier who design their products, could give up to or more than 10years!! Of course, typical wear and tear will not be covered. Do ensure your warranty can outlast your lease period and keep your warranty details and contact details to claim warranty.