How To Create a Great Office Working Environment

  • Get the right amount of spaces

The basics of creating a great office working environment, is to get the right amount of space.Be sure that there’s enough space for your business, whether you have work stations or cubicles — or if you’re planning an open space environment, so that employees can move freely about.  Having a grasp on space utilization and management for your company, definitely helps in this matter, and using a tool like ours, can ensure you are able to manage your space efficiently when you design your office today and into the future.

Of course, this is a practical issue and it’s a safety one too. If a fire or some other emergency occurs, you want there to be enough space so that people can exit the building safely and quickly.


  • Storage & cleanliness

Storage is often the last thing considered when it comes to office design, but it’s a very important factor to plan for. In addition to using paperless solutions such as cloud storage, look into different types of physical storage to optimize the amount of space in your office while also keeping everything stored in place. Of course, choosing the right type of furniture can help in creating a great office working environment.

Another element of office design can actually be provided by your colleagues: cleanliness. While this may be a less tangible design element than storage and natural light sources, it’s just as important, because it affects the office’s image and the workers’ efficiency.


  • Quality furniture

If you choose to purchase cheaper furniture, remember that saying “you get what you pay for”. Substituting lower-quality furniture of any sort, can lead to lack of inspiration in the office, lowered productivity and most importantly health issues amongst your employees.

It is proven to stimulate worker productivity and to reduce the number of sick days, ergonomic office chairs are where wise business owners invest when designing office space.  Of course, the choice of work stations have an impact as well – so it’s important to do your research of the type of furniture that fits your company’s culture and space.

Cash-strapped companies may be tempted to save money on budget furniture, but in the long-term, you’re not saving anything and this is a huge no for creating a great office working environment.

Spend $200 more per task chair to save thousands of dollars in the long run, It may be a relatively small object, but workers spend the majority of their workday sitting in an office chair. Only when they begin to suffer the ill effects of an uncomfortable chair—low back pain and general discomfort—do they begin to pay attention to where and how they are sitting.


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