Hidden Dangers of Your Dirty Office Carpet and The Negative Effects

From keyboards to microwaves, your office can be a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and dirt. With hundreds of employees walking in and out of the office, and countless hands touching door handles, table top, and water cooler, keeping your workplace clean takes some extra effort.

Here are four dangers of a dirty carpet at work:

  • Harms your employee health: Dust, dirt, bacteria and even viruses can get trapped in workplace carpets, leading to fever, headaches, and colds. And as employees mill around the office, they push these allergens deeper and deeper into the carpets, making them harder to remove with traditional vacuuming. In addition, mould spores can grow quickly on dirty carpets, leading to allergic reactions in some people.
  • Spreads unpleasant odours: Who hasn’t eaten lunch at their desk? While there’s nothing wrong with eating a sandwich as you work, those food crumbs will inevitably fall into the carpet. Combine those food particles with spilled coffee, soda, juice or even BUBBLE TEA, and your carpet is bound to start smelling funny as bacteria start going to work on all that yummy food!
  • Affects your reputation: If a customer or client visits your office, you only have one chance to make a great first impression. And there’s nothing like a coffee stain or dirty carpet to ruin it for you. Clients may not notice a freshly clean carpet, but we guarantee that they will notice a tattered, stained one.
  • For some reason, we don’t worry as much about workplace carpets as we do about our home carpets even though we actually spend more active time in the workplace. There is a common misconception that because there are no pets or kids at work, our office carpets won’t be as dirty.

The reality is that we spend 44hours or more each week at work, and a dirty carpet can have a huge impact on our productivity, health, and happiness.

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